About recent decisions and actions (14.3.2022)

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Please take a moment to read the below.

We understand that the current world events are causing a lot of concern, worry, anger, sadness and disbelief. This is not a situation anyone wants to be in, or would wish upon any person to go through. That being said, the fact is that this is going on, and there might be difficult decisions to be made because of it.  

The decision about all of the games getting removed from the Russian and Belarusian market has been made, and it’s not something that will change. We of course hope that all of this will be resolved soon, and in the mean time we are taking all the actions we can to support ending this act of violence.

We shared the news about this decision in the game so that players will be aware of the upcoming changes. It’s only fair for everyone to be aware, and us not hiding what is happening and why it’s happening. When it comes to this Forum - there are set rules and guidelines in place for this to be and stay as a constructive, interesting and engaging platform for everyone involved with the NML game to come together and discuss topics around the game.
However, when a lot of different people with different opinions and thoughts come together, it’s very easy for unwanted conflicts to happen, making a community and environment an unpleasant and toxic place to be. This is something we do not want. This is why we have rules and guidelines in place - to make this Forum a good place for anyone to enjoy. This is one of the main reasons eg. politics and religion are off the table, because these always have strong feelings and thoughts attached to them, which will cause conflicts.

Everyone has the right to their own personal opinion, but this Forum is not the place to discuss these certain topics. For the wellbeing of the community, the players, the employees and everyone else checking in here, please respect that and try to understand that this is not something against some of you, but something for the greater good for everyone.