Special features instead of banning Russia

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Dear creators,
reading today to ban russian citizens from No Man's Land, I concider this as a bad decission!
1. I guess many of the Russian people are trapped in their political and social surrounding and are a victim of propaganda or can't tell that they disagree with their leaders. More over many Russian people disagree with the annexion of Ukraine. I concider banning these people very unfair. Moreover it could end up in believing the Russian propaganda!
2. we can use this game to inform Russian guild members about other point of views and try to tell that they are mislead by propaganda
Therefore and for some other reasin I think you should not ban Russian people from this game, but establish some features for them.
Here are some examples!
1. waving a peace flag. Just like a flare you give Russian players a flag that they can throw to distract walkers
2. A donation button for Ukraine
3. As you already donated, you can think of donating a certaun amount for each kill of a walker to help people in the Ukraine and all inapp-buys from Russian people are donated to Ukraine
4. A daily popup for Russian players like "I disagree with the action the Ukraine". Which they have to confirm as they can't play otherwise!
Dear NG NML team, and players, what do you think about this?



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