4 more stars bug

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Hey @Lexia

How is it possible, that only 1 player is beeing banned using the 4 more stars bug first week, people found out? There were 23 players who did this in the first week and 6 or 7 in the second week, but only 1 Player got banned cause a few other players told NG his ingame name. And i know at least 6 players, who did the same and they were not banned. So how is your punish bug users politic working, if you dont treat all players the same?

I already wrote ingame support, but answers were as most of the time really bad. So i decided to try here finding an answer, that maaaaaaaaaybe might clear things a bit for me.

P.s.: I am totally on your side, that players have to be banned using bugs, exploits or other things to have any advantage in the game.


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