Rework Idea for Aaron’s Leader Trait

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Aaron is an older hero that got a simple leader trait. He deals extra damage when a certain condition is met. Like Dwight, Merle , etc… Pretty weak and boring compared to recent heroes. 

Here’s an idea I came up with that I think would make Aaron a much better and fun hero to play; 

Teamwork : When Aaron attacks a target that has been attacked by another of your survivors this turn, the attack deals +X% total damage. This bonus is doubled if the target has been attacked by both of your other survivors this turn. Additionally, every survivor that helps Aaron kill an enemy has a Y% chance of gaining a Charge Point.
As a leader, each member of your team gain these bonuses.
When in a non-leading position, the first part of his leader trait would help him last hit enemies so his teammates can earn Charge Points. He’d also be good at charging up a team leader and teammates that cannot charge themselves up. It would be especially useful with star heroes that can’t charge themselves up.

In the leading position he’d have good synergy with heroes that can attack twice. Exemple, Huntsman Daryl, Guardian Carol, Hilltop Maggie, any hero with a free attack weapon (Dragon’s Tongue, Mercer’s Axe, a bow, etc....because both of their attacks would get the buff.

Exemple, Aaron attacks, Daryl gets the buff and prowl twice, then Zeke get’s the double buff and attacks twice using the morning star charge attack.
Hope you liked it  :)  @Lexia