April Fool’s Day - Forum Competition!



  • Hawaii
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    Players control the walkers to kill the heroes.
  • patwalker
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    Change randomly the missions. So wen you pick up the scavenger you go to uotpost. Or if you pick up the challenge you go to last stand and this happen randomly different every time. So players all day suffer the joke trying to go were they supposed to. Xb
  • JordanYuki
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    If I were NG, I’d announce a new collaboration between TWD: NML x The Last of Us. Introducing 2 new heroes from The Last of Us universe, Joel Miller & Ellie. 5 new enemy type, Runners, Stalkers, Clickers, Bloaters and Shamblers and 2 new tools, Shivs and Trap Mines.
  • Lexia
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    The competition is officially closed!

    Thank you to everyone who participated, and the winners will be announced on Friday 8.4.2022 in this same thread 🙌
  • Gnatevil
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    We're bringing back deadly missions! Now, all that time and money you've spent getting your heroes just the way wasn't them gets thrown out the window. When they die, they die for good. Now you have to get tokens to replace your lost heroes. And we're reopening the original missions so you can "earn" those Daryl tokens. 
  • Lexia
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    After some very careful deliberation, the results are IN!

    NML team is clearly for simple, but devious humour, because the winners of this competition are:



    For the winners, please reach out to me in a private message to share your in-game name, player level and guild, in order to receive the radio bundle rewards.

    Thank you again to everyone who participated, and don't get scared if at some point you stumble upon farting rubber weapons, or daily quests that don't seem to make sense 😶
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    Congrats guys! 

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    Congrats you 3! And everyone else, really enjoyed this thread! 
  • Shian
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    jesus christ i can't belive that NG random pick a winner rather then enjoy the pranks
  • Phalanx44
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    Their April Fools prank on us?? Host a competition for everyone to get excited about, and submit genuinely fun and inventive ideas, then select "winners" at random. 

    Good one, NG team. Jokes on us!

    (All kidding aside, congrats to the selected winners!)
  • Lexia
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    There was a vote, with the whole team able to vote on their favorite ones. No random picking.
  • zbot
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    Congratulations to the winners! 

    It was a fun competition! Thank you!
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    Congrats people! :)
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  • pollorex
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    Make the challenge maps that
    Make you get to the end and them come back x2
  • KNightCrawler
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    My prank recommendation is to have one of your heroes turn into a walker at the spawn in, away from the other two heroes, and come after them like the other walkers.