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I wanna tell you I’ve been through some stuff with this game. And I wanna warn little new players.

I finally found my guilt. We played peacefully for years. Did our challenge and our GW weeks after weeks.

Suddenly, one day a new player arrived to our guilt. He took a lot of stars in the challenge and impressed us all.

One day he took he’s on players to our guilt. All of them. This player was a guilt leader himself- and they all came to us and my god, they brought up our stars ! We could get a lot of things because of that. This made our guilt leader and co leader yo follow him yo his guilt when he invited us. He also got some more people from our old guilt - me included. 
A girl from our old guilt saw where this was going. So she stoped in time. Not me. Unfortunately. Also a guy stoped in time.

Now, being after wise, I wish I never left my old guilt. Because, yes this players was on a whole different players. But even if they learned me all they knew, I couldn’t be as good as them. Fast enough. So I started to pay a lot of money to try better. It came, finally, to also my understanding, that I couldn’t continue. The worst was not this decision I took. 
You see, we was on discord now, and what’s app. We had therefor becoming more close. We sending pictures of ourselves. Talked about our life. We felt like friends. We even talked about that we wanted to meet IRL, though we lived in different countries.

But now, when it was just me and the guilt leader talking without spotlight - he said things to me that actually got me throw up.

I took contact to the next games. The staff. They said that if he had said those things to me in the games online chat they would have banished him for permanently time. But they couldn’t take responsibility for what he said on discord or what’s app . This social media have responsibilities for their chats and they said I had to report that to them. But I didn’t .

Instead, I lost my will to play this game at all. So I deleted my account . But I’ve missed it to much and now I started a new account . I was before in level 79 now I’m at level 36 (came up there fast). 
All I wanna say be careful if this happens to you. Listen yo your guts. Of course you can be impressed and so. And they can learn you things you didn’t knew. For example out guilt leader from our old guilt pretty fast realized we didn’t knew a shit what we was doing. Because there is so much more in this game you could even imagine . This new guilt obviously wanted to claim up in the boards. Be more professional kind of guilt. But also having fun being close and so on. Good all that. But it’s no fun when you can’t be better without paying a lot money . And you feeling there is better player out there, who can help the guilt. 
I’m going to learn you little I learn from them.
Eugene /Glenn bruiser is the player that’s the best. Level them up , give them the best weapon you level up. And armor. 
Also SPY team of course . (Sascha, Princess and Yumiko .
Beta. Rick (knife)

You need to know what to reroll them with and you also have this map,.. that can make anyone crazy trying to understand . That’s about the badges. But have everything in gold. Weapons, armor, badges .  Level up everything to max. And when you’re doing GW, have the bruiser (Eugene/Glenn) in front . You have the shooter behind. Don’t waste your time to kill zombies. You doing humans you shoot them right away, but always go with bruiser first and stunning them. Shoot them after that. In this guilt I was, I could only doing humans . Until I could be better. 
Don’t waste your phones when it’s only 15 phones. Always wait until they doing heroes with 40 phones .

now I’m In a Swedish guilt (because I’m Swedish) that don’t seams to doing GW for the moment , I don’t know why they haven’t answered me when I asked. It’s ok, but if they continue to not doing GW I might looking after a another guilt. Maybe if I’m lucky my old one. But we used to have it closed. But it’s ok.  Everything will be ok. 

Yes, it’s fun knowing stuff. Learning stuff. But the most important for a guilt leader, I think it is to being nice. Don’t judge people. Let them be who they’re and we all do our best we can. Thanks for hearing me out. ;)


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    "Always be yourself unless you can be a capybara. Then always be a capybara".
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