I don't understand the scoring on guild wars. I've been playing this game since the beginning and have never gotten close to 400. My guild just had an.opponent score over 500. First off how is this possible? Second why are we matched with them?


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    Max possible score for a single player is 1036 so 500 is not that hard. The higher the mission level, the more points you get. You can see the VP reward on the mission briefing screen.

    Matchmaking is not looking at individual scores, but tries to match teams with same team sizes and similar VP:s. This means that especially at the start of the season teams of different levels will be matched.

    For example, a very simplified example

    Day 1
    You play team 10 and get 5000 points in total (average VP 300 / player, so 10*300 + sector bonuses = 5000) and lose your battle.
    Some other team plays a team of 4 and gets 3333 pts (average VP 600 / player so 4*600 + sector bonuses) and wins its battle so gets 5000 VP with the 1.5 win bonus

    Day 2: you both play teams of 7 and get matched against each other

    So a simple strategy for the start of a season is to play either small teams or not at all during the first few days, which will end up matching you with easier opponents.
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