Can Nation Wars return?

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The way the challenge cap has affected Nation Wars has made it unfeasible to hold it as everyone would be tied on scores.
There's a couple of options to make it possible. 
1 NG remove the challenge cap for the event and teams form up as usual.
2 Only players below a certain level can be entered, I suggest 70 and below, I'm pretty sure most will be unable to reach round 80 so that could be really competitive.
Would NG support this @Lexia @Fluxxx


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    Something definitely needs to be changed as of now it's just meh
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    @Anjelos and I were brainstorming an idea under NGs supervision.

    I called it, "The Ultimate Challenge After Party"

    Earn your ticket to the after party by completing the weekly challenge. 

    Starts at difficulty 50, with Nightmare enemies.
    Unlimited Play
    New Leaderboard like LS
    Rewards trophies rather than radios, tokens etc
    Reward Trophies collect on your Card
    Restrictions on Tools, Heroes, Support?

    Nation Wars could use this, add your challenge star total plus After Party Ranking?

    (rushed example, sorry 😁) 

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