5.0 Survival Pass Update Notes

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The Walking Dead: No Man's Land 
"Survival Pass" Update Notes

Sneak Peek Video:



1. Season 11B

2. Who's the Boss



Some of the new maps


The second seasonal campaign for the Spring season is the Spring Blowout Campaign. Like before, you will be able to collect the seasonal tokens in the Distance, Challenges, Trade Goods Shop and Daily quests.

Campaign begins on 16th of May and ends 6th of June at 12PM UTC.

The highlight rewards are: The Obliterator for 2000 Spring tokens (Assault Weapon) and The Pulverizer for 3000 Spring tokens (Shooter Weapon).

weapons WEAPONS

New Weapon: The Obliterator (Assault)

Special Functionality: 

Has an extended attack range. Its normal attacks damage enemies in a cone-shaped area, while its charge attack can be targeted anywhere on the ground within range, damaging and stunning enemies. 

Traits: Silver Tactical, Gold Concussion, Gold Piercing.


New Weapon: The Pulverizer (Shooter)

Special Functionality: 

Attacks damage enemies in a small circular area around the target. Its charge attack can be targeted anywhere on the ground within range, damaging and crippling enemies.

Traits: Silver Tactical, Gold Destructive, Gold Piercing.



Survival Pass is a new feature that unlocks at Council level 13, and allows you to gain resources by progressing along a Reward Path. 

There are two different tracks: a free one that is available for all eligible players, and a premium track that can be purchased.


The Reward Path contains 43 tiers, and you progress by obtaining Survival Points. The points are obtained by killing enemies, and there is a daily cap for how many kills count towards your progress each day. Additionally, you can claim a small amount of Survival Points from each Hero in the Black Market every day.

The first Survival Pass season, Crimson Road, starts on the 9th of May, and lasts for six weeks. This is the standard duration for a season.



The Reward Path contains a lot of rewards, and the premium track has even more, as well as exclusive ones not found anywhere else in the game. 

Examples of rewards are gold, radios, gas, tools and more. Additionally, there are some completely new items that you are able to get: Speed-Up & Speed-Up+ Tokens.

The max amount of each Speed-Up/Speed-Up+ Token you can hold (except Healing Token) is 1. For Healing Token it is 5. Excess Tokens gained from the Reward Path may be converted into Gold, or claimed later (before the season end when they are automatically claimed or converted to gold).

Speed-Up+ Tokens are only available on the premium track, together with the season’s custom exclusive highlight weapon: Crimson Harpoon Gun. The weapon has the same traits and functionalities as the popular Winter Harpoon Gun, so its attacks won’t cause threat, and the charge attack is a critical hit that is guaranteed to root.
By getting the premium pass, you will also get one guild gift perk that allows you to send gifts for free to all of your guild members.

Once you reach the final tier on the Reward Path, you can continue to collect Survival Points to unlock Bonus Chests (available on the Premium Track only).

Traits: Silver Large Caliber, Gold Lucky, Gold Destructive.


Speed-Up Tokens

With Speed-Up Tokens you are able to skip the upgrade time of any equipment and survivors, as well as buildings. With Healing Tokens you can choose to heal your injured survivor to full health instantly.

Speed-Up+ Tokens

With the Speed-Up+ Tokens you can skip both the upgrade time, as well as the resource cost, meaning you don’t have to have XP or Supplies to upgrade your equipment, survivor or building to the next level. The Workshop+ Token works for the first three upgrades that unlock the traits of your desired equipment, but not for upgrades with Reinforcement Tokens.


• Beth’s leader trait has improved functionality and visualization:

  • Overlapping buff areas now merge into one bigger area. When this happens, the duration refreshes as well

  • The max radius of a merged buff area is 7 spaces. Beyond that, new buff areas will be created from kills/charge attacks

Beth leader trait changes:

• Additional confirmation pop-up added for survivor upgrades and promotions, as well as badge, and trait rerolls

• Buying bundles (with money) that include XP and/or Supplies will be added in full to storage even if the max capacity is reached in the process

• Increased the GW RP gained from PvP missions

• Added new heroes into the reward rotation of The Distance

• Instead of a new Last Stand Ticket to Hell on three different days, all three tickets will be given out on Mondays, together with 15 available gold attempts that refresh weekly. The max number of tickets you can hold at a time is 3

• Removed Last Stand visualizations for “0000” scores in the player scoreboard

• Changed support Dog to have a more coherent approach to determine the closest enemies to cripple

• Balanced the Starbound Rifle range when used by AI in PvP missions

• Added new badge filter; Bonus / No Bonus

• Improved visuals when scrapping multiple badges, allowing player to see the badge bonuses

New badge filter and changed scrapping visuals:

• Added small visualizations to tactical grid in order to see obstacle hard/soft corners

Tactical grid soft and hard corners visualizations:


• Fixed bug where radio call ‘Manage’ option redirected the player to the Support menu, instead of the Survivor menu

• Fixed issue with some survivor classes being locked in Last Stand

• Fixed bug with Last Stand waves coming from the same side after certain amount of waves have passed

• Fixed issue with Fast Walkers occasionally retaliating through obstacles when ground-targeted weapons are used by survivors

• Fixed issue with pinning/unpinning Guild chat messages causing Guild Ad timer and chat message timestamps to break

• Fixed issue with Sheriff Rick, Pizza Guy Glenn and Guardian Carol in season missions not counting towards daily quests 12.5. Reverted for now due to some unexpected issues. Guardian Carol has separate Daily Quests setup temporarily

• Fixed issue with Guardian Carol not counting towards daily quests

• Fixed bug where Perseverance trait didn’t trigger in Scavenge missions

• Fixed visual issues related to certain device screen ratios

• Multiple visual bugs fixed on various maps/missions, as well as other UI improvements