5.0.1 Optional Update (12.5.2022)

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Hey hey kids! 👋

We have released an optional update (5.0.1) today that should be rolling out to stores as we speak. It includes the following fixes:

  • Broken Support menu selection screen
  • Visually incorrect value displayed for Class Tokens in the Survivor menu
  • Some in-game navigations not going to the Guild Wars shop
  • Prevention of exploit in the Challenge game mode
  • Also added a minor visual change to the 'End Turn' button and threat counter (translucent)

Additional note - fix that was implemented in 5.0 for Daily Quests with Season Heroes (Sheriff Rick, Pizza Guy Glenn & Guardian Carol) has unfortunately been reverted due to some unexpected issues. Guardian Carol has temporarily been given a separate Daily Quest (Guardian Carol does not count towards Carol quests and vice versa), but otherwise the above three in season missions will until further notice not count towards Daily Quests.

Thank you all for the great feedback and reports on the Survival Pass update! 🙏