The supports equipment thread

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Hey people, could you please help me a bit with the supports by ranking them from best to worst in your opinion?

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  • Killdozer187_
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    Ranged team I use

  • Stalker20
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    In my opinion.. 
    Best, cookies, cat mask or dog in that order. 
    Worst, Shiva, commonwealth armour and hwacha. 
  • m4s
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    CommonWealth will be useful for GW - PvP

    Hwacha too ,ideal for try to burn PvP at the other end of the map
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  • WellyLuga
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    Commonwealth I don't see much use for, getting hit isn't expected anymore really. Hwacha is okay I guess. Those two are the weakest. I absolutely hate the way the mask functions, it irritates me that you can't cancel it and the way it randomly picks walkers is useless most of the time. Plus you can't use it with primed. 

    I agree with Dozer. Cookie, cat and dog are the best 3. Shiva is decent when you have a KAW where you want to ring the dinner bell and not wait around so I'd put that 4th.
  • JordanYuki
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    I use Shiva in a lot of my games to alert all wandering enemies. Especially in open GW maps, I usually use her at the start of the game and then kill everything before new waves can even spawn. Even with piles I clear them so fast with SMY.

    ATLAS-Z Member Posts: 6,692 ✭✭✭✭✭
    Yeah I used Shiva a lot before SMY took center stage. Not so much now. Once Mercer is decently promoted, he just kills everything so fast you don't need to wait for enemies to come to you. 

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  • JordanYuki
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    Ah I see, mine is only LT lvl 6
  • Adeline
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    For me...
    Dog, cat, mask in GWs.
    Cookies, cat, dog, mask in Challenge depends on mission.
    Dog, commonwealth armor, shiva for GW PvPs and outpost.
    Dog, cookies, cat for last stand.
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