Interruptor trait bugged

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@Lexia could you and the team have a look at the interruptor trait? Now with Primed Interrupt has become a valuable trait, but unfortunately it's a bit bugged.

It only works on the main target of the overwatch attack. 

So, for any survivor with a multi-hit weapon, it will only interrupt the main target, even if the overwatch hits many targets. This is different to all other traits, like cripple, which can affect any walker hit by the overwatch shot.

The reason it is like this also seems obvious. Since interrupt is not a status effect, it will only have an effect on the walker which is currently moving. Any other walkers hit by a overwatch attack have not yet started their move (or already did their move) so any attack sequence that could be interrupted have not yet begun.

See for example this short video from @darkdestination

His hero has gold interrupt and a lot of lucky so it's 98% chance of triggering (we did several tests so it's not a case of bad luck). The first walker is interrupted, but the second one is not and is free to attack.

Possible fix: make interrupted a status effect (like crippled) but make it 1 turn only, i.e. so that it is disappeared when the walker's next turn starts.

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  • Krabbator
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    A strange suggestion. You offer the same Crippling. There is almost no difference between the Interruptor version you offer and the current Crippling. Only the fact that Crippling is now only on long-range weapons, and Interruptor on any.
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  • Burmeliinis
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    No, I reported a bug and made a suggestion on how to fix it, and at no point did i "offer" crippling. Try re-reading my post.
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  • Firekid
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    I wouldn’t say interrupt is bugged, as you’ve said yourself it only stops the target which is moving the others aren’t moving. However I do like the idea of it working how you’ve suggested and think it would bring interrupt on range into a class of it’s own, would also make the interrupt dragons tongue more useful as well. 
  • Burmeliinis
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    Any comments on this bug @lexia ?
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  • Lexia
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    Will look into it
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    New status effect... Girl Interrupted. 

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  • find2046
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    My question, primed H Daryl with Axe vs fatty one on one and clear around.
    Leader: Mercer
    H Daryl status: do nothing 
    Result: H Daryl got catch.

    Is it normal?
  • BenjaminT
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    edited June 2022
    Did HD have any action points? If not then primed is luck based, and there’s always a chance it won’t activate.

    If he did have an action point then the interrupt (100% on Mercer’s Axe) should’ve stopped the tank and Primed wouldn’t even come into the equation.

    It’s certainly unlucky, assuming you have the Lucky trait on HD then the chance of primed kicking in is over 50%
  • Krabbator
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    edited June 2022
    Lexia said: Will look into it
    I suggest adding a weapon with a unique perk: 100% Ensnare. It turns out, of course, an analogue of MS, but why not.
    The prickly cactus brought the mice to tears, but they continued to nibble on it.