Buff Yumiko

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Yumiko is a must have for numerous ranged teams composition and those are almost the only teams used by a majority of player to reach final levels of challenge each week/final levels on Nightmare distance/final levels on Guild Wars
Therefore it becomes quite boring because people use the same mechanics again and again.
As nerfing a hero is not a popular option, I suggest that you buff her!
Please allow Yumiko’s LT to apply on melee teams as well!!



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    Bruisers would be a lot more viable on end levels because multiple attacks synergize well with Perserverance, allowing to charge almost each turn and to create a stun-wall such as assaults can do easily  now thanks to : Yumiko + (Sasha/Princesse/GCarol)

    Scouts/Warriors at high level needs multiples attack to be able to kill a walker and therefore the
    y would benefit greatly to get a second attack (or even a third If Yumiko is in lead). It would synergize as well with Perseverance (to a lesser extent because as they are not bruisers they don’t have Punish trait to get an extra chance to charge with Perseverance)
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    And it would bring a great variety of team composition for players. 
    List of new powerful team compo becomes very exciting! Some examples:

    Y/Bruisers/Bruisers => Stun wall
    Ezekiel/Yumiko/Scout Rick with Mercer Axe => Hard to be grabbed by zombies and possibility to kill them quickly because of charged attack being available more often
    Mercer/Y/Bruiser => Ranged/Melee, love it! Possibility to go with silent weapon and kill rapidly zombies thanks to Mercer’s LT which synergized well if Bruiser. Yumiko brings the ability to be charged almost each turn for the bruiser in order to maintain a safe stun wall

    It would be Lexia…ndary!!

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    Or just give the ability for melee to... Another melee. Like OG scout Carol or Jerry. 

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    ATLAS-Z said:
    Or just give the ability for melee to... Another melee. Like OG scout Carol or Jerry. 

    If they create a dedicated hero, it prevents us from bringing more original team composition, mixing melee and range characters
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    Does it break herd easily?

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    The funny thing about this is that Yumiko's LT actually states that as a leader all members of the team gain this bonus. This would imply that if Yumiko was leading a melee survivor, then whenever that melee survivor attacks an enemy, it should make all ranged allies attack that enemy as well. However, when this was brought up before it was dismissed and it was stated that Yumiko's LT only works with Ranged. It's disappointing to see that the description for her LT hasn't been updated to clearly reflect that, such as in the the LTs for Hunter Daryl and Shane.