5.1 Origins II Update Notes

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The Walking Dead: No Man's Land 
"Origins II" Update Notes

Sneak Peek Video:




9 episodes based on Seasons 3 and 4 of the show. Each episode will come out every Monday starting 11th of July.
Complete each episode within a week of release to obtain extra rewards!
Bonus: Missions will include new playable Heroes. 


The seasonal campaign for the Summer season is the Origins II Campaign. Like before, you will be able to collect the seasonal tokens in the Distance, Challenges, Trade Goods Shop and Daily quests.

Campaign begins on 11th of July and ends 1st of August at 12PM UTC.

The highlight rewards are: Scoped Crossbow for 2000 Summer tokens (Hunter Weapon) and Hershel Greene for 3000 Summer tokens (Hunter Hero).


 New Hero: Hershel Greene (Hunter)

A great match together with your melee survivors.

His Leader Trait:

 Good Enough

On his turn, Hershel’s non-lethal attacks allow him to move for half an action point, and have a {x}% chance to cripple the enemy.

Additionally, all attacks have a {y}% chance to weaken enemies for 1 turn. Melee attacks against weakened enemies are guaranteed to not be body shots, and have a {z}% chance to give a charge point.

As a leader, each member of your team gains this bonus.

Trait values:

Remaining traits: 

Marksman, Ruthless, Revenge & Critical Aim


• Hershel’s crippling chance stacks with the Crippling trait. Eg. attacks that are non-lethal AND bodyshots have an increased chance to Cripple, equal to the sum of the two traits

• Both the chances to Cripple and Weaken are affected by Lucky

• Hershel’s chance to Weaken stacks with the Weakening trait. Eg. attacks that are non-lethal have an increased chance to Weaken, equal to the sum of the two traits


 New Hero: Tyreese Williams (Warrior)

Slow your enemies in their tracks, and make them suffer regardless of their strength.

His Leader Trait:

 Made to Suffer

Tyreese's charge attack creates a debuff circle around the main target.

Enemies within the circle can only move 1 space at a time, including when they exit it. Additionally, they take {x}% of their total HP as non-lethal damage for each turn within the circle.

The max number of debuff circles is {y} when Tyreese is the leader, and {z} if he is not, and each one lasts {w} turns.

As a leader, debuff circles can be created by any melee charge attacks.

Trait values:

Remaining traits: 

 Strong, Follow Through, Ruthless & Perseverance


• "Non-lethal" damage in this case means that Tyreese's debuff circles cannot kill the enemy. The enemies continue to receive damage up until they reach 1HP

• Overlapping circles do not merge together nor do their effects increase



Hooded Michonne

The Hooded Michonne skin will be available on the premium reward path of the next Survival Pass season!

weapons WEAPON

New Weapon: Scoped Crossbow (Hunter)

Special Functionality: 

Charge attack is a bonus attack that inflicts crippling on enemies. This weapon does not generate threat.

Traits: Silver Large Caliber, Gold Destructive, Gold Piercing.


 New Support: Walker Mike

Run amok for a turn with no consequences, walkers won't hold a grudge against you.

Skill description:

After using this ability, the survivor can run past walkers without being attacked. Additionally, walkers will ignore the survivor during the next enemy turn. Applies to the closest {x} other survivors within a {y} space radius.

Skill values:


Weakening (Melee survivors)

Trait description:

Attacks have {x}% chance to weaken enemies for {y} turn(s).
Melee attacks against weakened (status effect) enemies are guaranteed to not be body shots, and have a {z}% chance to give a charge point. Melee attacks that inflict weakened immediately benefit from the effect.

Trait values:


• Changed Overwatch attacks so that they do not trigger on Herded enemies (Primed trait included)

• Attacks in Guild Wars will be charged from the player after ending a mission

• Michonne’s leader trait values have been significantly increased:

• Last Stand Expert mode score multiplier increased from x5 to x35

• Survival Pass Bonus Chest availability on premium reward path made clearer

• Survival Pass daily kills refresh changed to happen at 12PM UTC daily (change published earlier)

• Transparency added and small adjustments made to Player/Enemy turn and threat counter combat information visualization, to improve general combat visibility


• Fixed issue with Perseverance trait not activating correctly

• Fixed visualization issue with survivor charge attack showing as active, when changing to use supports or tools instead of the attack

• Fixed bug with Starbound Rifle not dealing bodyshots (fix published earlier)

• Fixed issue with not being able to build the Walker Pit due to overlapping Survival Pass layout, and improved the access to the Walker Pit after it has been built

• Fixed bug with obstacle on Guild Wars map forcing player to move survivor upon mission start

• Fixed issue with Sheriff Rick, Pizza Guy Glenn and Guardian Carol in season missions not counting towards daily quests

• Fixed issue with Guardian Carol not counting towards Carol daily quests, and removed the temporary separate daily quest for Guardian Carol

• Fixed issue with not being able to unpin too long Guild chat messages

• Fixed issue with some cut texts in the Last Stand game mode preview, Distance rewards preview and start mission button (certain languages only)

• Fixed visualization bug with Season mission icons having incorrect borders

• Fixed visualization issue with radio call drop rates with 14 or more Heroes not showing all the Hero tokens

• Multiple visual bugs fixed on various maps/missions, as well as other UI improvements