A broken Interruptor when the hero dodged

TimonY4 Member Posts: 13
Why, despite the fact that my hero dodged, the interruption still worked?
Why do the characters shoot from Overwatch/Primed at those who pose no danger when the looters are standing one cell away from them? Might it be worth improving the priority?

Both cases in question are visible on the video: https://www.mediafire.com/file/5ch0ho6hihm60sv/Screenrecorder-2022-07-17-12-31-39-89.mp4/file


  • Noiserating
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    Primed seems to be calculated on each walker. So let's say first walker move, primed is not triggered because of bad luck, 2nd zombie move, primed is once triggered and this time succeed so your hero attack. 

    For you, you have the feeling that Primed does not target the good walker. But it's just that primed failed on the first targeted enemy