Push/Interrupt bruiser weapon

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I really enjoyed using 2 or 3 bruisers on a few maps this week, with weakening now a thing I feel like bruisers/melee are way more viable in higher challenge levels which is brilliant!

I had a couple of attempts at round 80 with an all bruiser team but had no strategy at all for the tanks and the spikeys, so I just got annihilated  :D

I don’t have a Kingdom Shield but a push weapon for bruisers sounds like it might give them a chance against specials. It’s in the shop today with Silver Tactical, any chance of getting this weapon with Silver Interrupt?

edit: I’m very much looking forward to unlocking Tyresse. I think his LT might be the real unlocking of dealing with high level specials for an all melee team. But it would be cool to have a bruiser weapon which meant they could keep the specials in the debuff circle. Interrupt Kingdom Shield could do this, maybe