Last Stand: Expert Mode unlocking in earlier council level

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first of all i like the mode last stand and its always a passion to me to play that mode. since the update was released where the factor increased from 5x to 35x i havent a chance with my small account to come in the best of 5 percent for example which gives really more tokens than i get now (top 15 percent -> played it with smy also took a while)

Could you please decrease the unlocking level so that i could play it with mine council level (actual 22 maybe 20 would be a good decission)?

Thanks for your feedback :smile:


  • BenjaminT
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    I support this message! I guess in reality most lower level players will still avoid Last Stand expert mode, but there are more than a few big hitters who tear through the challenge at a relatively low council level. Why restrict their access to other game modes? I can’t see how it could cause any harm or bother to anyone.

    Let @darkdestination and others like him play! If they’re good enough then they’re high enough  B)