Savior handgun

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Did anyone else buy savior handgun yesterday and can’t find it in their inventory anymore? I favorite-d it right away but I was upgrading something already. When I went to look for it today, it’s gone.

NG how many more screw ups this month? You’re track record has been horrendous lately. Season mission bug, challenge bug, GW bug. On top of that, you banned me for farming too many radios during the free booster compensation and only reinstated me after radioactive was over. Then support gave me a useless 24 hour gas booster after radioactive was over when I am already sitting on over 1500 gas. 

I am  a regular 5358er, and coleader of one of your top guilds. You are quickly driving me away from this game.


  • zbot
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    @echonap please contact in game support, click settings (gear icon), help, contact us.  
    ATLAS-Z Member Posts: 6,687 ✭✭✭✭✭
    I grabbed it last night also on my Alt account. Was upgrading the first stage. Today the weapon is gone. But I'm not hugely upset or surprised.

    I'll easily earn it back this week. 

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    Wrongfully acquired GW shop items were removed, but you can contact support to get possible resources back if you managed to upgrade it already :smile: