Infused Melee Weapons

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Is there an issue about how much better infused ranged weapons are then infused melee weapons? ROAR is my favourite assault weapon now and today I’ve started upgrading the Saviour Handgun, which is by far the best shooter weapon I have now.

I don’t have any trouble imagining 4 trait combos for ranged weapons which I think I’d use regularly, but I really struggle to do the same for melee weapons. I can’t imagine a 4 trait combo which would put a melee weapon anywhere near Riot Shield or Mercer’s Axe. I think one of the main issues for infused melee weapons is the single target limitation.

Would NG consider making changes to the format of infusing melee weapons so that their creative developers could conjure something the players would regularly use at high levels of the game?

I’m even struggling to think of a 5 trait combination for a single target scout weapon which could even get into the conversation of best in class.

Maybe it’s because for melee to keep pace with ranged their special functionality has to become so much more sophisticated than normal melee weapons, or than was needed for ranged weapons to have something extra. Which is understandable, but the issue is it now seems to mean that infused melee weapons are going to fall way short by comparison.

Can the NG magicians consider changing the rules to bring infused melee weapons into the top tier weapons bracket? Could ‘three-space arc’ somehow be infused onto a bruiser weapon alongside Lucky? If yes, then you’ve immediately loads of skin and trait options to make a top tier bruiser weapon.

To be clear, I’m not asking for special functionality weapons to be infused, I’m just asking if what’s infused needs to be limited to a single trait? 



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    We've discussed this before and it has led to some changes in the past. But I think more of a discussion is needed.

    Weapons having "built in" areas of effect is something I've mentioned. 

    I think it would indeed free up slots for better trait stacking and infusing. And it need not be retroactive, I'm happy to go looking for a new better Katana (example) than the old great one I already have. 

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  • BenjaminT
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    I don’t know how it could be implemented effectively but somehow increasing number of targets for bruiser/scout weapons seems like it could make all the difference. I’m even less sure about warriors though, Morning Star being the only real option for warriors for 95% of missions

    A two-space arc on a bruiser weapon with plenty of different 4 trait options would easily be a strong alternative to a staff/hockey stick and in some combinations could comfortably be a lot better. All that would be needed is to make normal attacks hit two enemies instead of one. Scouts are a bit trickier and honestly I’ve no idea how to make an infused warrior weapon which would be used in high level play (red machete deserves a revamp though). But we could start with the bruisers  

  • BenjaminT
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    What if infused melee weapons had two infused traits? One could be a regular trait and the other could be an aspect of a special functionality. It wouldn’t be a whole Special Functionality, but just one component of it. 

    Obviously, regular infusion could be things like Cripple, Lucky, Ensnare, etc.

    While SF infused traits could be
    Attack two enemies
    Non body shots push
    100% Interrupt
    Charged kill threat reduction
    Hit enemies twice
    Charge attack cripples

    So kind of like a 5 trait weapon, but the fifth being an SF type ability

  • BenjaminT
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    Infusion Bruiser Weapon
    Silver: Tactical
    Gold: Lucky
    Gold: Concussion

    Infusion Text Box 
    Infused Functionality: Attacks a three-space arc in front of the survivor
    Infused Trait: Ensnare

    Infusion Scout Weapon
    Silver: Tactical
    Gold: Razor
    Gold: Ensnare  

    Infusion Text Box
    Infused Functionality: Push mechanics 
    Infused Trait: Lucky 

    Infusion Warrior Weapon
    Silver: Wide Arc
    Gold: Destructive 
    Gold: Razor

    Infused Functionality: Charge attack cripples
    Infused Trait: Interrupt 

  • Phalanx44
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    Just my opinion, but i think melee weapons are hampered needing Razor to really be effective. Even with the introduction of Weakening, there's still a significant chance of body shots w/o Razor, and that eats up a critical Gold spot or infused slot..

    I'm thinking a Scout weapon with guaranteed non-body shot on main target would have some viability, amd opens up slots for better trait combos.