Mercer prevents the development of the long-range class fighters

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Hi everyone! I would like to discuss the long-range class and how Mercer prevents them from developing fully.

Any improvement or introduction of the skill to long-range heroes will automatically make Mercer even more imbalance hero and only because of him all the other long-range heroes suffer, especially the assaults. This class itself without Mercer, Princess and the Decimator become useless, since they have the smallest selection of useful skills for the heroes themselves and for weapons. And just because of one imbalance hero nothing can be introduced, because in this way he only becomes stronger and more irreplaceable.

Now the melee class becomes really useful due to 2 skills that charge the heroes and one of them also almost completely replaces the penetration. The long-range class has only Sasha, Princess and Carol, who can only charge all the heroes as leaders, but with them there is only 1 irreplaceable composition consisting of 2 heroes - Mercer and Yumiko, which have no analogues. The long-range class also needs at least 1 skill, as a weakening, which will charge and give a guaranteed piercing for all long-range heroes, including assaults, so that everyone becomes at least 50% useful without Sasha and the rest of the charging heroes. If do not make a full piercing, but just a charge from the skill, then you can modify the Sure Shot, so that it not only increases the chance of a critical hit from the spot, but also increases the chance of piercing. This skill would be very useful in this format, considering that a weapon with an increased strike distance has been introduced into the game.

But in order to improve long-range class, it needs to fix Mercer and the sea of bugs associated with him. Carol's cookie improves not his own damage, but his leadership trait for some reason, which is why Mercer can kill any strongest tank or spike at level 50+ with 1-2 blows. If such a system was originally conceived, then why don't heroes like Shane and Beth have it with similar LT's ? Then let's introduce such a system to all heroes with similar LT's, so that not only Mercer can deal with crowds of enemies. Also, you should make a static 50% activation of the first part of his LT so that it does not increase due to the Lucky and then Mercer will be valued not only as the best DD, but also as a tank due to the second part of his LT. Speaking of Mercer as a tank, his leadership trait does not work at all in guild defense, which makes him completely useless in defense, although his ability would help a lot. This definitely needs to be fixed!
It's very strange that hero is imbalance in the challenge and Guild War PvE, but absolutely useless in PvP and defense.

In my opinion, after all these actions Mercer will not become such an unbalanced hero and will be just as useful, but he will have a replacement who is no worse than him. And most importantly, the long-range class can be developed equally as the melee class. 


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    Either i need better reading comprehension or that was a Google translate fail
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    bringing Mercer into the game as he is has already broken the game. Carol's cookies just finished off a balance that was already broken. any innovation for stormtroopers or ranged classes in general will automatically make Mercer an even more imbalanced hero.
    with various innovations, the game is getting easier, and the number of players doing maximum speed is increasing. of course, this is an ideal option for those who just want to quickly go through everything and relax.
    the only option I see for making the game more difficult without changing heroes is the expert mode analogy everywhere. in this case, the maximum speeds will already be more difficult, and Mercer will not influence the game so much (unless, of course, he will be put there most often)
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    I agree to nerf the cookie thing with Mercer (even if I enjoy taking down a fatty soooo fast).

    Maybe Man at Arm's should be conditioned to the fact of doing non-body shot attack (and then the X% chance to activate Man at Arm's comes into calculation). That will lower the chance of triggering his LT and therefore improve his balance compared to other characters.

    But nerfing heroes is a really impopular thing to do.... I don't think they will dare to do so
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    Lol, I tried suggesting a change to yumikos leader trait which would make her worse for the current meta but actually better overall and it was shot down in flames. So good luck trying to straight nerf mercer!