5.4 Foes & Fighters Update Notes

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The Walking Dead: No Man's Land 
"Foes & Fighters" Update Notes


8 episodes based on the upcoming Season 11C of the show. Each episode will come out every Monday starting 3rd of October.

Complete each episode within a week of release to obtain extra rewards.


The seasonal campaign for the Autumn season is the No Man’s Land 7th Anniversary Campaign. You will be able to collect the seasonal tokens in the Distance, Challenges, Trade Goods Shop and Daily quests.

Campaign begins on September 26th and ends October 17th 2022 at 12PM UTC.

The highlight rewards are: Rosita's Macuahuitl for 2000 Anniversary tokens (Bruiser Weapon) and Fighter Rosita for 3000 Anniversary tokens (Bruiser Hero).


 New Hero: Fighter Rosita (Bruiser)

Rosita doesn't back down from a fight. No battle is too tough for her relentless fighting spirit.

Her Leader Trait:

 Fighting Fury (FF)

If there are enemies adjacent to Rosita on her first main attack, she gets an extra attack(s) afterwards. She gains an attack for each adjacent enemy, up to {x}, and {y} if she is the leader. Each extra attack does {z}% of the main attack’s damage.

After the main attack, Rosita can also choose to move away for half an action point, instead of dealing the extra attacks.

As a leader, all melee classes gain this bonus.

Trait values:

Remaining traits: 

Retaliate, Strong, Iron Skin & Punish


• The enemy that you attack also counts into the extra attacks if they are in an adjacent space when you attack

• Bonus charge attacks, as well extra attacks from various traits, can be used to move and attack in between FF attacks

• Extra movement from Tactical is possible to use in between any attack or after, as long as Rosita doesn’t move before the first attack. However, using this movement will end her turn, no matter how many FF attacks are left

• The leader trait does not apply with weapons that require reloading between turns 



Commonwealth Daryl & Commonwealth Rosita

The Commonwealth Daryl & Rosita outfits will be available on the premium reward path of future Survival Pass seasons!

weapons WEAPON

New Weapon: Rosita's Macuahuitl (Bruiser)

Special Functionality: 

Attacks in a three-space arc ahead of the user, stunning all targets. Body shots have a 75% chance of crippling the enemy.

If the survivor using this weapon makes an attack before moving on their turn, they may make a Quick movement after attacking. 

Charge attack is a bonus attack that stuns all targets and inflicts guaranteed Critical Hit in a five-space arc ahead of the user. Targets which cannot be stunned are crippled.

Traits: Silver Interruptor, Gold Concussion, Gold Razor.


• Attacks in Guild Wars are charged from the player after starting a mission (GW rollback)

• Guild Wars mission labels include new icons to indicate the type of enemy generation in the mission:

• New Survival Pass added for players at Council level 3-12

• Black Market has new offers for Heroes that are 5 pink stars, allowing excess Hero tokens to be exchanged to Radios

• Tactical trait is available on armors

• Point Blank Shot weapon trait functionality has been changed to boost Total Damage instead of Weapon Damage:

“Attacks towards enemies within {x} space(s) of you deal +{y}% additional total damage.

• Facebook connect feature removed together with achievement about it

• Commonwealth Armor support functionality has new additions:

“For {x} turns, it gives you full status effect, struggle and critical hit resistance, as well as {y}% chance of gaining a charge point when hit by an attack.”


• Fixed issue with Shane’s leader trait not activating when the team is using the Bulldozer Shotgun

• Fixed bug with Guardian Carol’s leader trait causing Shane to get charged upon status effects caused by Explosive Bullets (not directly inflicted by Shane)

• Fixed issue with Guardian Carol follow-up attack dealing wrong damage

• Fixed issue with Negan’s leader trait visualization activating too early, marking new enemies incorrectly during enemy turn

• Fixed bug with overwatch occasionally activating for Freemen after they’ve used all movement points

• Fixed issue with chapter 15, mission 7 causing game reloads for some players

• Fixed bug with Hooded Michonne skin appearing unlocked and equipped although not owned by the player

• Fixed issue with Michonne portrait visualization occasionally breaking when checking different outfits

• Fixed bug with Hershel’s leader trait giving half an action point upon killing enemies with a push-mechanic weapon

• Fixed issue with weakened status effect occasionally activating incorrectly on the players attacking survivor in human enemy/PvP combats

• Improved free guild gift visualization to show the amount of free gifts still available to send

• Improved the reward summary visualization for automatically claimed rewards in the Survival Pass, as well as added unclaimed Bonus Chest(s) to be automatically claimed upon season end

• Fixed issue with tablets having a too wide activation area in the camp view for the Survival Pass feature

• Fixed issue with general mission screen occasionally showing up blank upon entering and leaving the Guild Wars view

• Multiple visual bugs fixed on various maps/missions, as well as other UI improvements

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