Push Weapon Bugs - I think we know now what happens

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We have observed some of the following that in theory should not have happened, for example:

1a. Warriors with Morning Stars can get 2 (TWO) charge points on striking 1 enemy even if that warrior only has weakening trait (no perseverance) and does not kill the enemy.
1b. Warriors with Morning Stars can inflict weakening on enemy that is out of range, but collides with the enemy that the warrior pushes with the Morning Star

2. Princess with Bulldozer can get 2 (TWO) charge points on striking 1 enemy even if Princess does not kill that enemy and does not benefit from Sasha's Leadership Trait.

And now this

3. It is apparent that Mercer with Bulldozer shotgun will hit the enemy with his Men-at-Arms 3x.

(video by @BenjaminT)

We've run damage calculation and it matches up:

Walker starts at 1 270k HP

1st MaA inflicts 380k damage (total damage = 385k) = Yumiko attack
2nd MaA inflicts 265k damage (total damage = 291k) = Mercer attack
3rd MaA inflicts 177k damage (does not flash on screen) = push (?)
4th MaA inflicts 123k damage (does not flash on screen) = collision (?)
5th MaA inflicts 86k damage (total damage = 100k) = Princess attack

Walker is left with 190k HP = the calculation above adds up perfectly to this (with some rounding, because I am too lazy to write exact numbers)

So it seems confirmed that traits such as Men-at-Arms and Weakening seem to activate multiple times once activated on push weapons:

1. When the hit occurs
2. When the enemy is pushed
3. When enemy collides (either with another enemy or with a wall, and if it collides with another enemy, the enemy it collides into often benefit from the trait as well)

Somehow however we never notice some different traits (for example, perseverance), to NOT benefit from the same bug. 

I have more videos already uploaded / linked through my in-game support page (IGN Z-Xer)

@Lexia @Fluxxx can you comment if this is the intention, or whether this is a bug that will be fixed?

Thank you
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    Also this "root beer" might be the result of that same bug.
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    You mean-  wandering root (from dead zombie to barrel)?

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    Also note that the MaA flashes 5 times. So seems like everything connects to cross verify that MaA activates 5 times in one move.
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  • BenjaminT
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    My guess at what’s happening here is that an attack with a push weapon is processed internally as up to three separate events (damage, push and collision) and that MAA can be attributed to any of them. I’ve been messing around with a Morning Star and Mercer lead today but can’t replicate these these phantom MAAs subtractions from total health. The game reports multiple MAAs on a single target from one attack on screen, but the numbers reported all tally up.

    Is there some code which allows MAA to roll for any event in an attack but ordinarily will ensure zero damage is applied if it activates? Maybe there’s something odd about Firing Squad which somehow gets round this?
  • BenjaminT
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    Here’s a video of Ezekiel hitting two walkers with a charged attack and a bonus attack and my scribbles breaking down the process.

    What’s weird about this is that MAA activates once on Walker Left on the second attack while its health is 691085, so you’d expect total damage from that attack to be a minimum of 200000. But the damage on screen is reported as 31455, and that tallies up with the health remaining at the end, too. So MAA was applied during this attack but didn’t amount to any damage caused. I can only think it must’ve been to either the push or collision event in the attack and that meant it’s limited to zero.

    And maybe attacks from Yumiko’s teammates during Firing Squad aren’t restricted in the same way?
  • BenjaminT
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    It’ll be interesting to watch videos of challenge this week of Mercer in lead with a Bulldozer and Yumiko in the team, especially from players with Mercer levelled much higher than mine  :smile:  

    Also, I tried to get 7 MAAs out of Firing Squad with Mercer and Princess but 5 seems to be the max - so unfair  :'(
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    Another example. In this one Ezekiel hits with a charge attack. The information graphics above the walker on the left (pre-attack health is 1267692) shows it was a critical hit and that MAA activated twice. The walker is also stunned following a collision with the walker behind it, because it was pushed. Total attack damage is then revealed to be 51814. So MAA must not have activated on the damage event of the attack but did activate on the push event and the collision event. Meaning despite MAA activating twice total damage from the attack amounts to just over 4% of current health

  • BenjaminT
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    Last one. Here Mercer attacks six walkers on his own turn. MAA activates once on the walker at the bottom on the second column. Walker health is 1267692. MAA activating should mean reported damage will be at least 380307 (1267692 x 0.3) but the number which flashes up on the screen is 22528. 

    It seems MAA can activate up to 3 times from a  push weapon attack but only one of the potential triggers for MAA will result in the % in LT being subtracted from current health. If MAA activates once or twice it doesn’t guarantee it was activated on the event which causes the % in the LT being subtracted from current health.

    I think this is the general rule and that Yumiko’s teammates during Firing Squad is the exception 
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    Good work here @BenjaminT

    I confess I didn't read any of it 😅 but hopefully @Fluxxx team finds it useful. 🤘

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  • BenjaminT
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    ATLAS-Z said:
    Good work here @BenjaminT

    I confess I didn't read any of it 😅 but hopefully @Fluxxx team finds it useful. 🤘
    Haha! By the end of it I was even starting to lose interest, it didn’t amount to much other than finding out Firing Squad can do crazy high damage with Mercer in lead and holding a Bulldozer. Considerably more than I would’ve imagined.

    There’s probably nothing here the developers don’t already know but it might be a small piece in the puzzle for us players in understanding how traits interact with push mechanics.

    I was only trying to work out how Man At Arms would interact with Firing Squad but it turned into quite a fun little project because I just happened to have left a Bulldozer on Mercer  :)

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    Add a cookie on top of that and wipe out the whole map!