Daryl's Commonwealth Armor available now?

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Saw this during an Outpost Raid:Correct me if I'm wrong, but wasn't it available only during a future Survival Pass? How is it I see this in an Outpost?
Went to his profile and saw this:

^^^^If we can get it now, how to I go about doing so? If I remember correctly, these unlocked outfits were in Bundle Shop.



  • Carl_Tyreese999
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    Between this and the latest season mission, NG has no excuse but to give us a Commonwealth outfit for normal survivors too @Lexia

    And no, as far as I know, the outfit is available yet...
  • MudMoccasin
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    Yet I see someone's Outpost Hunter Daryl wearing it. 

    Totally Non Sequitur: I'm surprised no one mentioned Tyrese giving Daryl some Sweet Chin Music in above 2nd pic.... HBK style!!!!!

  • Lexia
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    Thank you for sharing @MudMoccasin

    We are aware, and it's a visual bug affecting Hunter Daryl and the outfits for him. May show for some players, even though it's not actually unlocked. Will be available in a future Survival Pass premium path season, as you posted above already :smile: