Bruiser Class improvement – built-in BodyShot ability

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Context: Defensive bruisers are useless at high level of walkers. This makes people going to offensive bruisers as there is no viable alternative and it’s a shame the whole game can rely only on offensive strategy.

Suggestion: please buff the bruiser class with a built-in ability to turn hits into BodyShot, and make it lucky dependant.

At high level, it means Critical Hit will be turned into normal hit, allowing a bruiser with 80% Damage Reduction and high Health to take at least 1 or 2 hits from a regular walker at level 50

This built-in characteristic could be for instance: each time a walker hits a bruiser, it has 45% chance to be turned into BS.

If a player now has Gold a Hazard Suit trait armor (20% to turn into bodyshot) => 65% chance to turn a hit into BS

If this ability is lucky dependant, then it would be possible to reach 100% and transform every hits from high level walker into normal hits. It would make defensive bruiser viable again at high level without completely overpowering them.


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    Love it, although they would then need to amend Eugene’s leader trait as it would make him completely obsolete. Other than that I think most people could get on board with this suggestion. 
    There have been plenty of other suggestions to make defensive bruisers more viable and hope NG are looking at them all and will make a change at some point. 
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    Some other ideas;

    Change Defensive Stance to offer Critical Hit Resistance and maybe a little bit of DR beyond 80% while in Overwatch.

    Add Critical Hit Resistance as a possible bonus on Health and DR badges. Exemple, +23% Health +6% Critical Hit Resistance (If you Survivor has Lucky). They could even do the same with Critical Chance for Damage and CD badges since people usually always use 3X Damage and 3X Critical Damage badges. @Lexia
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    Hazard Suit is the most important trait for bruisers (along with Dodge).

    Aside from Eugene's LT, after ASL+5 difficulty:
    1. Without HS kicking in - all incoming hits will be Normal or Crits.
    2. Without HS and Dodge - all incoming hits will be Crits.

    Another solution could be to significantly buff Hazard Suit values.
    It would:
    1. Allow bruisers to take more hits and have more 100% dodges.
    2. Decrease fire dmg from hitting burning walkers.
    3. Increase diversity of melee/ranged teams, like using melee in a team with ranged heroes with incendiary weapons.
    4. Benefit not only bruisers, but all Melee & defensive classes.

    And there's a DR cap issue as well:
    Even with max hp & 80DR, bruisers can't stand against crits from lvl 50+ regular walkers.
    Maybe I should make a separate suggestion thread about it.
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