How does 'Nations United' work

  Saw the announcement in the news and I am immensly confused as to what 'Nations United' actually is. I really don't understand what it's actually about or how to participate!
   I get that it's a global event, and my guild and I are really keen to get stuck in, support the community, reap the rewards and have some fun! Bit do we...what, need people from at least seven nationalities in the guild? or we pledge our results in support for a national team or each member represents their individual nationality...what on Earth is it and how do we register!


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       Ok, I'm still baffled as to how anyone participates. I'd presume everyone stays in their guild but am unclear if they have to join some national team or something or the guild leader sort of says 'This member is fromt his country, they're reporting their results on behalf of their nationality. But then, what's the the 'must have a minimum number of nationalities'? If a guild doesn't have that they can't patyicpate or something?
       If it's made clear what a guild and its participants will actually be doing and how to be a part of this closer to the time, hopefully we can join in.
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    Hellooo, everyone!

    You know this event is new and we don't have the answers for some of your questions yet. We do have for others, however, we want to be organized as well and we felt at the same time that to give all the information at once was too much 😂 we do understand that this is something new and not clear for everyone for the same reason, and as every new project, we as organizers are learning from it too, this is something we want to build together with all the ones that want to be part of it 😊 so all your questions and suggestions are highly appreciated.

    I have to say also that many of the questions that you have are already answered in the forum 😂 and others, well, make us think to decide better about what can be done.

    Quick recap on most repeated questions:

    - Prizes. That's something we cannot be sure of, not something we discussed, really. But I have to say that NG is fully supporting the event and if not prizes for winners, we will have something special from their side for sure that we can all enjoy.

    - Guilds (and guild names): Players need to leave the guild and join a guild  created by their leaders with a name we will provide. This will most likely be in a poll with the guild leaders to try to make it a bit more interesting 😂 more information about this later! Go, leaders!!!

    - Scoring system: what we can tell for now is that there will be 3 criteria; points for extra nationality, points for tasks to complete during the event week, points for round in the challenge. We decided it was best to give points per round instead of plain star count for two reasons; one, to give more emphasis on the number of nations in a team and two, to reduce the pressure to go perfect. It's more about being together and work as a team 🙌🏼

    I hope this can answer some of the most important questions so far. Please feel free to share this as well so everyone knows

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    @Scotticus hope this helps. 
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    The information about the setting up of a new guild for the event answers the most pressing question I had, yes. Thanks!