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• Hello, admin, how long is the event?
The competition lasts one week. We will be playing together, side by side, humans vs walkers, for one challenge.

• Cool. Will it be a guild war week?
No, it'll be right after the current season ends.

• Good, because I would hate to leave my guild during a guild war week. Because we have to leave our guilds for that week, right?
That's correct. We felt it was best that way to create a better sense of team work and give you all the chance to bond with your guildmates from all over the world. Also, it's only for a week.

• That makes sense. And how will guilds be called?
We will arrange that with all the team leaders. Same theme, most probably a draw.

• Sounds fun. I'm not a top player, though, can I participate?
YES! Challenge stars (rounds, to be more specific) is only one of the thing we will bear in mind to give each team a score. So all levels are welcomed! We're doing our best to accomodate all players in a team, we just need some time and a bit of patience.

• Great! And what else will you consider to give all teams a score? What else will you give points for?
Points per extra nation represented in your team (remember, 7 nations minimum) and points per tasks completed during the event. Besides points per round passes per player (regardless of star count).

• Sweet! And what will the prize be for the winning team? Will there be a prize?
We cannot promise anything, really. To be honest, this is something we didn't discuss because the main purpose is to share with people from different nations and have a great time. Winners will be announced and we will create a celebration video, that's for sure.

• Fair enough. Uhm... ok, I want to sign up, what should I do?
You need to either find a team or create your team as a leader. If you want to find a team, we have different communication channels so you can contact other players:

Forum post Find your Team

- Line chat: Welcome! (introduce yourself here)

- Discord channel (server NML:TWD)

• Wow! That's great! And what if I want to lead my own team?
You will need to contact any of the admins in Line. Line is compulsory for leaders and co-leaders. It's not compulsory for all players, because in different countries they use different messaging apps. Feel free to join all chats, find a team, and please keep both players and admins updated about how many players you need so we can help you complete your teams.

• Got it. So, I need to find my team, and then?
You need to fill in a Google form with the information for all the players in your guild, and be in charge of keeping them informed of the latests news before and during the event. The admins are all open to help you with that.

• Beautiful. That's so sweet of you, thanks for answering all my questions. I love you admin...

• What?



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    I have a question. In the FAQ it says that only one video can be submitted for the side quests A1-A3. Why is that? So you have to decide which category to submit the video from, which means you should somehow anticipate what the other guilds will do (to improve your chances of getting high points). That doesn't make sense to me.
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    Also, since so many extra points are given to guilds with more Nations, the only way for guilds with less Nations to win would be if they could win multiple Master Mission Side Quest videos.

    I think if this event is held again, then either:

    1. The points for more having more Nations should be reduced.

    2. You should be able to submit videos for multiple categories.


    3. Leagues should be based on number of Nations in your Guild.