5.6 Darkfrost Update Notes

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The Walking Dead: No Man's Land 
"Darkfrost" Update Notes

Sneak Peek Video:



1. Season 11C

2. Commonwealth War


The seasonal campaign for the Winter season is the No Man’s Land Doomsday Champions Campaign. You will be able to collect the seasonal tokens in the Distance, Challenges, Trade Goods Shop and Daily quests.

Campaign begins on January 9th and ends January 30th 2023 at 1PM UTC.

The highlight rewards are: Champion Assault Rifle for 2000 Winter tokens (Assault Weapon) and Connie for 3000 Winter tokens (Scout Hero).


 New Hero: Connie (Scout)

Keep your friends close, and your enemies will have hell to pay. 

Her Leader Trait:

  Better Together

If a survivor ends their turn within {x} spaces of Connie, both have an {y}% chance to gain a charge point and attacks deal {z}% more damage during the next turn. 

As leader, all teammates gain this bonus.

Trait values:

Remaining traits: 

Strong, Power Strike, Ruthless & Perseverance


• The chance of gaining a charge point when multiple survivors are under the LT effect does not stack, rather rolls separately for each

• The LT effect lasts until the end of the enemy turn, which means it will also be active for attacks like Overwatch, Retaliate, Revenge etc.

• When Connie's LT triggers, it activates for both herself and the adjacent survivor. If Connie is adjacent to 2 survivors, she can get 2 charge points and 2 stacks of the damage buff

• When Connie is the Leader and you position all survivors adjacent to each other, each one can gain up to 4 charge points and 4 damage stacks



Sergeant Abraham

The Sergeant Abraham outfit will be available on the premium reward path of a future Survival Pass season!


Commonwealth Walker

Similar to Armored Walkers, these walkers have the same HP, damage, and are bulletproof.

In addition to this, the walker is resistant to all status effects (root, stun, crippling, fire, weakening and herd), but that resistance drops in quartiles as their HP drops. The 4 red dots on top of the walker indicate their current status effect resistance. In short:

100-75% HP = 100% Status effect resistance - 4 red dots

75-50% HP = 75% Status effect resistance - 3 red dots

50-25% HP = 50% Status effect resistance - 2 red dots

25-0% HP = 25% Status effect resistance - 1 red dot

Commonwealth Walkers are found in the nightmare rounds of Challenge, in some Guild Wars Junkyard and Sanctuary maps, in some Last Stand maps, as well as in the new Commonwealth War Challenge map set.

Note: Will appear in the above game modes earliest during week 49, 2022.

weapons WEAPON

New Weapon: Champion Assault Rifle (Assault)

Special Functionality: 

The Champion Assault Rifle has a slightly narrower attack cone, but with longer range. Charge attack is a bonus attack that is guaranteed to stun, and can be targeted anywhere on the ground within range.

Deals additional damage.

Traits: Silver Lucky, Gold Concussion, Gold Piercing.


• Fast Walkers have been changed to no longer Retaliate. Fast Walkers' HP and damage have been increased to be the same as normal walkers, but they can still move one space further (3 in total)

• Added new badge bonuses (incl. traits like Follow Through, Perseverance, Revenge etc., and also heroes like Alpha, Princess, Tyreese and more)

• Improved team selection and swapping, that allows to make changes in team even with a survivor that is already in the team but in a different slot:

Improved team selection and swapping:

• Commonwealth Armor support functionality has been improved so that a survivor who gets into struggle and red health during enemy turn, will NOT take any additional damage during that same turn if attacked by other enemies after - they will remain at full red HP


• Fixed issue with Shane’s leader trait together with the Bulldozer Shotgun, used by another team member, occasionally not giving charge points for kills

• Fixed issue with Fighter Rosita’s leader trait not allowing movement and attacking for bonus charge attacks and extra attacks

• Fixed bug with Scout Daryl not being able to attack after quick move and Prowl activation, when Fighter Rosita is the team leader

• Fixed issue with missing action points gained from Hershel’s leader trait for melee survivors

• Fixed bug with Mercer’s leader trait occasionally activating multiple times when equipped with the Bulldozer Shotgun

• Fixed bug with Swift Strike occasionally not activating with the Crescent Edge weapon

• Fixed bug with Guardian Carol’s leader trait not activating with weapons with built in Swift Strike trait

• Fixed bug with Guild Wars war summary VP score not matching the actual score, due to VP lost from retries not getting considered in the final calculations

• Fixed bug with explosive barrels getting the rooted status effect in some missions

• Improved the Last Stand Expert mode score multiplier visualization during combat and on the final score screen to avoid misunderstandings

• Fixed bug with Last Stand scores occasionally getting recorded twice for one run

• Fixed visual inconsistency with Merle’s wrong hand being off

• Fixed issues with push notifications

• Fixed issue with some players not being able to load game in Turkish language

• Multiple visual bugs fixed on various maps/missions, animations, as well as other UI improvements