Cannot play distance nor seasons - challenge and outposts are normal

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I cannot play the distance nor seasons missions. When I go there it goes to loading screen but nothing happens, after 30-60 seconds the game reboot automatically and go back to camp

challenge and outpost play like normal

i cannot chat with support either - each time I go there it goes to loading screen but nothing happens, eventually the game just reboot automatically 

@Lexia can help????
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  • Lexia
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    @ZXer I recommend that you check that your device is up to date, try WiFi/Mobile, potentially try another device as well if possible. Initial look shows nothing off with the account itself, so may be something related to your device or network.

    If you are still experiencing issues, you can also reach out to support through this link:
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    Maybe clear cache and restart your phone too, especially if you let things "run in the background." 
  • ZXer
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    Thanks all

    iPhone did not have that clear cache option (it looks like), but I deleted and reinstalled the game and still didn't help. But after reinstalling the game then the game did not run at all. 

    I disabled wifi and run on 4G and it worked somehow. I could play the game on wifi but I had to switch to 4G to pass that mission loading screen. And only on seasons and distance - for whatever reasons, challenge works with or without wifi.

    Somehow the problem disappeared the next day, and I could play on wifi again.

    So just for future reference since nobody suggested it: disable wifi might fix this problem.
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