LS bugs allowing ridiculous scores



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    And why is this announcement still pinned? It's like, what, when Beta still rules the world? Or Eugene?

    Maybe it's time to move on - stop chasing people who are legitimately playing this game while hiking up in the mountains, and start banning people who are legitimately abusing bug exploits?

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    I just wonder how long these people have been exploiting this bug repeatedly for months now screwing over everyone that has tried to play last stand mode without cheating. I don’t know how they shouldn’t get banned from the game. Pretty ridiculous if they don’t get some sort of punishment. 

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    That's an outrageous accusation when you say guilds harboring cheating players.

    It's the individual's choice and decision whether to exploit the bug or not. It has got nothing to do with the guild's motto. And in this case, on behalf of Deadly Alliance, I have to apologize that a member exploited it and made a ridiculously high score without much effort. We have absolutely no prior knowledge of it whatsoever.

    DA does not and will not encourage the use of exploits. Whether or not the guild would have any action against the player involved, we are still in the midst of discussion. Please let this matter rest for now. Thank you.
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    Let’s keep calm and let NG do their thing.  Closed for now.

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