Ideas to improve "d" islands

You clear "a" and "b" and unlock a "c" which requires fewer attacks and rewards more sector points, then you are left with a "d" which requires the same amount of attacks as "a" and "b" with same points? Why?

How about making it (a + b) unlocks (c), which unlocks (d) when completed?

Give (d) the same 6 attack requirement to clear as (c), then increase the points or leave same as (c)?

How about more unique enemies in "d?" Like nothing but KAW Commonwealth Walkers, or Metalheads, or Heavies, etc.? Something that's more of a challenge w/o actually scaling them? Maybe remove the human component from "d" OR scale them 3 levels higher then the attacker's gear?

As it stands, "d" islands require an inordinate amount of attacks to clear, rewards are hardly worth it, and I think most of us are forced to do a highest level KAW with leftover attack points anyways. Why not make that a "d" thing instead? 


  • Skywithin
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    Top guilds don't "waste" any leftover attacks - all extra attacks are stacked on the most rewarding missions on island #20. This requires multiple people hitting the same mission simultaneously (when you get a warning that someone else is already doing that mission). That's how you get maximum points. 

    In regards to your idea to make "D" island depend on "C" island completion - NOT a good idea because it introduces an additional bottleneck. The fewer dependencies, the better. Original GW map was one big dependency tree when you had to complete lower-level missions to get to the juicy action. Having more independent islands was a big improvement.
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    Not everyone is a "top guild" nor able to commit on same days nor willing to attack same area at same time, which would require coordination whereas most people have jobs and lives and play when time is free.

    People not putting thousands into radio packs shouldn't get dusted off for this mentality above. The rest of us get pigeonholed into a few usable sectors then highest KAW. 

    But I see the mentality clearly now why the GW maps are garbage.