Friday The 13th Event

Is it me or are many of you getting really frustrated every time Next Games has a 40 count radio call and it ends up being a dud every time? I am sick and tired of wasting many radios to get the lowest tokens on a hero every time. Its not worth the 40 radios. If Next Games is going to screw me every time, then make 3 calls for 25 radios, not 40. Its not only this event, its all the others they do as well. Its a total waste of my radios. 


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    40 radio events as of late, typically have roughly 20 heroes or MORE per 40 radio call, that keeps getting diluted further every time they release one of these new heroes. In theory, the odds of getting same heroes constantly, should be miniscule, however in practice, it seems to have secret odds that will favor newer heroes, followed by p2w cult favorites, followed by newer again. Shane for example has been nearly impossible to get anything for, while Tyrese constantly appears over and over each event since he was added. This strategy would encourage people to buy hero tokens or larger bundles of radios, which those people will do.

    Sychophants dropping thousands on these phone games and schmoozing the mods virtually never say anything negative unless a bug interferes with their status, and are so entrenched with being in a "top guild" they'll refrain from anything they perceive as threatening that. In other words, don't expect anyone to agree. The little frowny faces and lack of constructive criticism FOR the radio events, help support that theory. 
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    I always prefer narrowly targeted platinum calls over the fest calls. 
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    40 radios, 3 recalls and a good selection of heros in different classes. Anything else is meeh.

    Try to collect as many as radios for new years call. Had 5 x 2023 with about 2000 radios last time.
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    People shouldn't have to hoard radios for an entire year, in anticipation for 1 event, that either barely, or outright won't be enough to even do a full hero promotion after 2 pink stars. Like gee, I get to move 1 hero from 2 pink stars to 3, and it only took an entire year of hoarding radios? Literal insanity. Or you poor fools trying to reroll for some mythically ideal trait because p2w cult says it's meta... smh into a seizure

    Go look at the thread where everyone uploaded screen shots of rolls. BEST I saw was 1st guy getting 8k Rufus tokens, after 3600 radios? (85 actual calls, those were the best screens he shared). None of them had Shane appear in those screens, and numerous others missing as well.

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    I think someone has a crush on Shane 🥰