Can All The Heros be Given Their Extra Seasonal Styles From The Tv Show?

I am wondering this but How come we have to keep paying just to have the extra seasonal styles for select Heros in the game? These styles should just be free and given to the selected Heros cause it shows how they evolved thought out the core seasons of the show. Like Abraham's hero, He started out with a tank top in Season 4. In season 6, He had the military outfit and also had a Hoodie outfit on prior to his death. It's the same was with Negan Smith, He started out in Season 6 with his iconic leather jacket with the red scarf. Then throughout the seasons his outfits became different and changed overtime until the show had ended. In a similar manner, Shane Walsh had this similar change before his death in mid season 2. 

Don't you guys think these Seasonal Styles should be given and added to the Heros who had  their evolution thought their time on the show?
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  • ShadowWalker
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    It would be nice to have another way to earn the skins. Will no one ever be able to get Michonne's cloak again? It's just there taunting me now 

    At least let the heroes use their own skins that are available for gold.


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    And make COMMONWEALTH ARMOR SKIN available for all normal survivors!!!

    I'm so tired of Carol Wolf skin lol

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