Connie - missed value in table

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I'm surprised no one noticed it

X missed

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    @m4s looks like adjacent based on this:

    Home / What's new in the 5.6 Update (Darkfrost)

    Hero: Connie

    Last Updated: 62d

    Connie is the hero with the ultimate superpower, and the person who will make sure the enemies have hell to pay during combat. She has the following Leader trait:

    Better Together

    If a survivor ends their turn within {X} spaces of Connie, both have an {Y}% chance to gain a charge point and attacks deal {Z}% more damage during the next turn. 

    As leader, all teammates gain this bonus.

    • The chance of gaining a charge point when multiple survivors are under the LT effect does not stack, rather rolls separately for each
    • The LT effect lasts until the end of the enemy turn, which means it will also be active for attacks like Overwatch, Retaliate, Revenge etc.
    • When Connie's LT triggers, it activates for both herself and the adjacent survivor. If Connie is adjacent to 2 survivors, she can get 2 charge points and 2 stacks of the damage buff
    • When Connie is the Leader and you position all survivors adjacent to each other, each one can gain up to 4 charge points and 4 damage stacks.