Guilds war issue

Himars Member Posts: 1
When I was in the battle and cleared walkers (11c island or about this). I exited location and was really surprised, because location with marauders was already cleared by somebody. How that even possible when it was blocked before I entered the battle with walkers?


  • Skywithin
    Skywithin Member Posts: 68 ✭✭✭
    Sounds like someone else did the same location as you. While you were doing your mission the other person finished it and move to marauders.
  • lan55ger
    lan55ger Member Posts: 14
    edited April 3
    It's possible that another player had cleared the location before you entered the battle with walkers, but their progress wasn't updated in real-time on your device. Alternatively, it could be a bug or glitch in the game.