Rick’s assault

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Gun in the GW shop any use? Looks similar to rositas assault?


  • Vikachiu
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    I think its a top weapon and given its f2p would deffo pick it up. I think with the Obliterator/Decimator and now the Champion rifle released, i dont think its as prominent but still will have its situations. 

    Only difference between Rick and Rosita is the silver trait is lucky where Rosita had the wide spread as Silver - So you lose 5% lucky for a wider angle - Not 100% sure if that significantly brings Ricks rifle to be more useful ? Maybe it does..... Someone may need to advise on that. 
  • Governator
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    I like the new Rick's Assault Weapon with the wider spread and the ability the cripple more walkers. On maps with wide open spaces, I equip Rosita with it and rush up to fire on a group of walkers to cripple them. Then, I can move Rosita back because of her LT. Then, I use Princess with the Champion Assault who can shoot at long range. With a little luck, I can charge up Princess on the crippled walkers. Then, it's just repeat, charge up, repeat with Princess. Clearly, the map and spawns will dictate the tactics, but this was effective in a couple of Challenge maps this week until the CW walkers showed up to ruin the fun.
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    Yeah you lose 5% Lucky compared to original RAR but wider cone means so much more control and coverage of the map.

    This RAR 2 has the potential to become more superior to RAR.
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    Upgrading it now.  ;)
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    Got this bad boy in the oven!!! So glad this made it to the GW shop.... I thought I'd never see it again!!!


     But my goodness why do they have it bigger than the LMG?