5.8 Lethal Skirmish Update Notes

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The Walking Dead: No Man's Land 
"Lethal Skirmish" Update Notes


The seasonal campaign for the Spring season is the No Man’s Land Total Havoc Campaign. You will be able to collect the seasonal tokens in the Distance, Challenges, Trade Goods Shop and Daily quests.

Campaign begins on March 6th and ends March 27th 2023 at 1PM UTC.

The highlight rewards are: Wrecker Shotgun for 2000 Spring tokens (Hunter Weapon) and Poleaxe for 3000 Spring tokens (Warrior Weapon).


 New Trait: First Strike (Melee weapon trait)

Trait description:

Attacks against enemies with full HP cannot result in bodyshots. The total damage for this attack is increased by {x}%.

Trait values:


• Thank you to our community member UserDoe for this suggestion!

• Applies to all attacks on enemies with 100% HP, including Prowl and out-of-turn attacks

• Applies to all full HP  targets that are attacked 


 New Trait: Fortified (Armor trait)

Trait description:

Attacks against this survivor are {x}% less likely to be critical hits.

Trait values:


• Thank you to our community member ATLAS-Z for this suggestion!

• The chance stacks additively with Eugene’s LT  “Mullet Time”

• Fortified is not affected by Lucky

weapons WEAPONS

New Weapon: Poleaxe (Warrior)

Special Functionality: 

Reaches two spaces away and hits in a cone shaped area. The main target is never a body shot. Charge attack is a bonus attack that roots.

Traits: Silver Lethal, Gold Destructive, Gold Razor


New Weapon: Wrecker Shotgun (Hunter)

Special Functionality: 

Attacks are cone-shaped. Attacks towards enemies who are within 2 spaces of you deal +30% additional total damage. Attacks that are not body shots push targets back 1 space. Charge attack roots targets.

Traits: Silver Lucky, Gold Ensnare, Gold Piercing



There is a new council level 29 available for players at player level 79.

This new council level increases the max level of the Workshop, Training Grounds, Supplies Storage, XP Tents, Mission Car and Hospital. 

         • The new council level increases XP capacity to 14.5 million

         • The maximum level of survivors and equipment is now 30 and 33, respectively

         • Supplies Storage max level is now 12 with a max capacity of 6 million supplies

         • XP Tents max level is now 13 → increasing production and capacity to 5K/h and 32K, respectively

         • Mission Car max level is now 16 with a max capacity of 60 gas

         • Hospital max level is now 13 with heal time reduction of 90min

All upgrades have a 24h upgrade time, with costs being the following:

         • Council level 29 - 15 million supplies

         • Workshop level 27 - 14 million supplies

         • Training Grounds level 29 - 14 million supplies

         • Supplies Storage level 12 - 4,63 million supplies

         • XP Tents level 13 - 6,9 million supplies

         • Mission Car level 16 - 16 million supplies

         • Hospital level 13 - 14 million supplies


• Open Guilds have the option to prevent a player from returning to the guild for a set time, when banishing from guild:

• Additional in combat indicators added for Connie’s leader trait and for how many times the LT is active currently for which team member (similar to Rick’s Inspiration leader trait):

• Improved support selection and swapping, that allows to make changes in team even with a support that is already in the team but in a different slot:

• When viewing specific equipment in the Workshop and then going back to the full view, the menu no longer goes back to the top, rather stays were the player last was

• Decreased frequency of Commonwealth Walkers in Nightmare Challenge & Last Stand

• Bullet Dodge trait values have been increased to the following:

{x}% chance to dodge a ranged attack except while stunned or struggling.


• Fixed bug with Outpost defenders with Revenge trait attacking before getting stunned

• Fixed bug with Walker Mike incorrectly remaining active for too long during combat

• Fixed bug with melee attacks on Weakened enemies not giving charge points accurately, when the melee survivor attacking does not have the Weakening trait

• Fixed inconsistency with rooted enemies not always attacking adjacent target

• Fixed bug with Last Stand scores over 1 billion crashing the game

• Fixed issue with occasional team slots being blocked and not allowing to start a mission in Last Stand and Distance

• Fixed occasional issue with team slots changing place after mission start

• Fixed issues with push notifications

• Fixed issue with game occasionally restarting when having the device in Danish or Norwegian language

• Multiple visual bugs fixed on various maps/missions, animations, as well as other UI improvements

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