There will be conflict…

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Hi! Thinking about Alpha when she introduced herself 😂 Saying if they don’t give her her daughter Lydia back- there will be conflict .

But now I’m wondering how to deal with a player that don’t follow GW plan in Guild War. Again and again and again. Doing it’s own show. Don’t listen. Open islands that isn’t in the plan. And just doing it anyway. Don’t discuss it . Just do what ever wants, 

What do you? 


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    If they aren't communicating or playing as part of a team then I would simply remove them from any battles that they sign up to. It's even more important if that person is the difference between winning and losing. 
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    Yes, we talks about remove him from GW, except Sunday funday . But somehow it seams like we continue giving him chances. And if we’re lucky for example - if the other guild in the war having a player that don’t play that day, we’ll..we won last time. But if everyone playing …well often we don’t win. 

    I don’t understand why he do this. I mean it takes some time to plan a war, and he just don’t seams to give zero fucks. And it’s impossible trying to reach him by communicating. All he say is “I got (number of the island) often the same island. And that’s it. He don’t communicate anymore. 

    Some of the other players wondering if he’s a boot. And it has come so far that they don’t wanna play the days he signs up for. 
    It’s frustrating- and I don’t have the last to say about this. But maybe one day it will be better 😅
  • Skywithin
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    GW is a team "sport". If he's not part of a team - he's out.
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    We have booted many guildies who don't play as a team during GW. We now require they join our Line chat before they can sign up. The only exception is if they only play on our Sunday Funday. No exceptions. Not worth the headache of dealing with rogue players.
  • Mareliza
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    It’s also frustrating when people sign up but not use one single attack :( I guess that happens in many guilds 
  • IrishNudist
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    I would instantly kick anyone that doesn’t follow a plan.  If someone doesn’t use every one of their attacks in gw then I would also kick them (unless there was a very good excuse where RL emergency interfered)…. 

    If you keep giving these players chances then your more serious players will start to leave the guild in search of a guild where everyone participates and works as a team.  
    Very simple… kick the dead weight or lose your good players.