New guild features: Super Leader and Guilds Family logo

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My proposal concerns a new role in the guild, namely Super Leader and the possibility of creating a guild family.
As we know, 1 guild is not enough, some families have from 2 to several guilds.
In order to avoid the unpleasantness associated with granting (and receiving) the role of Leader in individual guilds in the family, you can introduce Super Leader roles.

Super Leader its features
- possibility to connect 10 guilds in one Guilds family - with your own logo!
1) joining a guild
2) disconnecting the guild
3) choosing a logo for the whole guild family

1) joining a guild - Super Leader sends an invitation to join the guild - Leader of the invited guild confirms and thus the Super Leader has the ability to give/receive the role of Leader in the invited guild.

2) Guild disconnection - Super Leader sends a request to disconnect from Family - Leader can accept rejection or not, if not - disconnection will be done within 3 days

3) Super Leader - selects the logo for all guilds in the family, these logos would be visible on the leaderboard

Maybe you have any more suggestions? I invite you to the discussion
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