Game is crushed

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Today I updated the game and got THIS problem (the screenshot below).

Please, tell me what to do ? I use the game on my phone and tablet, but on the second one I don't have AppStore and PlayMarket so I download the game with APK and the phone is only needed to save progress and buy something in the store.


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    Here it is
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    roganrushrich Member Posts: 75 ✭✭✭
    @JasonW what can you tell about it ? Is there any solution ?
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    I just mentioned this in the 5.8 update thread, same pic as you. You MUST stay signed-into Google play store. ie., U can't play unless your signed-into Google and there services. Before you could skip sign-in, not now though. 

    I choose not to sign-in, might be done with game is it's not reverted back. Just a personal choice for me to never stay signed into Google.