Building token glitch

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I used my building token, then upgraded my pass to get another.  But I can't collect it.  The game says I need to use the other one first, but I've already used it.

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  • WDW76
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    There are two different tokens. SpeedUp and SpeedUp+

    The former still consumes resources like tomatoes, but you don't have those anymore. You have to farm first 🍅🍅🍅. Unfortunately.
    After u farming 14Mio Tomatoes u can start the Upgrade. Then u can use the SpeedUp token to finish the Upgrade.
  • xelda77
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    I am having the same issue. It shows I have the token in my inventory, but it won’t spend, and I can’t collect the other token
  • zbot
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    As previously mentioned by @WDW76

    @xelda77 the regular building token speeds up but you still need to have the supplies to use it. Building + token is the one where it doesn’t use supplies.  There’s a big difference.
  • enigma12
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    I’m glad I’m not the only one who had to figure this out.. but I did work out there are 2 building tokens and the second one just speeds up the building once you have begun the build. It’s a tad annoying to have tokens we can’t use and others that are super rare and only usable during council upgrades and can’t be stored or collected. 
  • lois
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    it happened to me too, but it seems to have resolved itself.
  • sborg
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    How does one acquire the + tokens?
  • zbot
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    sborg said:
    How does one acquire the + tokens?
    When you purchase the survivor pass