Ideas I have for Future Updates

I’m an avid player of No Man’s Land and I really enjoy the game! These are just my own personal wants and ideas for the future of No Man’s Land

New Heroes 

We should have more older characters come to the game from previous seasons, here are the first that come to mind

Dale - 2/3 Star Hunter
Andrea 3/4 Star Shooter/Scout

I think these two are great additions. First off, almost any time we’ve had additions of older characters, they’ve had a relation of some sorts to each other. Dale and Andrea both have history with each other and are also very well known and liked among the cast. They could potentially come with some missions? Who knows. 

Future possibilities for older characters: Lori Grimes, Simon, Bob Stookey, Dawn (Memorial Hospital), and Ron Anderson

For new characters, a few come to mind

Judith Grimes - 3/4 Star Shooter
Tomichi Okumura - 2/3 Star Warrior

Judith may not work as well as Tomichi but I think it’d be a good addition for her to join. She’s a very popular character and Tomichi, well, I think he’s a little underrated. 

Other nominees are Lydia, Magna, Siddiq, Brandon Carver, and Pope

Alternate Variants

Guard Carl - 3 Star Hunter
Warrior Eugune - 3 Star Shooter/Assault

Now onto other ideas

 Non Permanent/Permanent Game Mode

Now the idea I have for this is “Horde Survivor” where you bring an survivors of an amount from 4-8 and pick a difficulty, then survive x amount of waves and pick rewards at the end. The difficulty scales on level and higher difficulties have special Walker types. Based on the difficulty you did, you can pick better rewards. 

Try to collab with Telltale’s The Walking Dead

this is something almost everyone wants to see! The telltale game has many amazing, loveable characters with iconic locations, weapons, and etc. Having a collab opens the door to a wide variety of things, such as a permanent or non permanent story for it, a collection event, special radio calls, skins, etc. 

Make Special Weapons More Accessible for New Players

Now, this might be a little controversial, but I think new players (Council 8-) should be able to obtain a random special weapon (Riot Shield, Ornate Shotgun, Sawtooth pick, Assassin Bow, etc) at Legendary tier that matches the level of their current highest hero. 

New Story

I think in the next story additions, add a more expansive lore with more characters that get development and are easier to get attached to. Maybe also introduce other characters such as Negan, Rick, etc. 

These are all my ideas for now, thank you for reading and I hope Deca Games takes something I said into consideration


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    The edit button isn’t working for me, so here are two other ideas I have 

    Legendary Heroes

    Add some new heroes of the legendary rarity, and over all modify the rarities of some heroes

    For example..

    Change Survivalist Rick & Michonne to Legendary, and make some of the newer characters lower tiers. Such as Hershel, Guardian Carol, and Shane/Beta/Alpha. 

    New Class (Controversial)

    So here is an idea for a new class of both weapon types (Ranged and Melee, and one of both)


    This class is a mixture of Shooter and Scout. They can move far, deal mediocre damage, have some range, and SOMETIMES not generate threat. General weapons for the class are

    Heavy Rocks/Bricks
    Small Knives
    Glass Shards

    Charged Attack for base characters and weapons remove a threat and will cause a status effect upon an enemy who isn’t killed (stunned/rooted or something) and costs two points

    Dual Wielders

    This class has terrible range and okay damage. The main benefit; two attacks from one character. 

    General weapons are

    Sawed off Shotguns
    Crossbow Pistols (Generate no threat but need 1 turn reload)

    Charge attack let’s you shoot an enemy twice, and gives a free attack/move


    Boxers get up close and personal, dealing massive amounts of damage but sadly can only hit one target at a time, and can’t move very far

    General weapons are

    Brass Knuckles
    Knife Gloves
    Boxing Gloves
    Glass Bottles

    Charged Attack let’s you punch one Walker in the gut, stunning them. Any adjacent enemies you will also hit. All adjacent enemies hit give your other teammates charge points