new insidious zombies

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There are numerous challenges with fences. I've never been attacked by a zombie through the fence before.
This seems to be a DECA innovation. Unfortunately, it wasn't mentioned in the update announcements.

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    If you are referring to a product that features fences and zombies, it is important to note that challenges with fences can vary depending on factors such as material, height, and location. Additionally, the effectiveness of fences against zombies would depend on the specific characteristics and abilities of the zombies in question, as depicted in the product. Regarding the innovation you mentioned, it is possible that it was not included in the update announcements for various reasons, such as not being a significant enough update or being part of a surprise element. PFMLogin
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    ↑ is this an elaborate joke? 😂

    It's a bug @lan55ger
    Walkers aren't supposed to attack through fences, barricades, walls, hard corners, etc regardless of their height, material or location.
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