A tad disappointed!

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Ok, I have been playing NML for years and love the people and what keeps me here. Since the show has finished and nothing major has changed with the game I have noticed people retiring, even I have slowed down greatly and for the first time DIDNT do guild wars and haven’t spent my $60 + a week buying stuff.. and let my gold go down to nearly zero which has never happened! 

When DECA took over and we got the typical 2 days double XP gift after upgrading, I immediately thought nothing has changed and there is nothing to get excited about having DECA take over. Personally, if we got a new weapon to purchase and a more generous gift to show DECA wants to encourage players, I would have been thrilled and spent some money which we all know is the ultimate goal.. instead of now being disappointed and not even bothering spending money to upgrade my council, which I usually go nuts to upgrade as quickly as possible, but not this time. 
I know, people will probably attack me for having an opinion and disagree with me.. but the initial impression of DECA is nothing much will change especially with free gifts etc. and/or new stuff, which I hoped would have surprised us after the upgrade and kept us interested in the game.. and shown DECA is a different beast compared to NG! 


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    I'd love to see the old Radioactive event where we got 6, 4, and 2 radios from the crates. That always got be excited to play. I would always buy a gas booster. Now, I don't with the current version. I think mixing up the reward crates would also help. Even a 1% chance of a flare, reroll token, etc., in Scavenge Mission creates would reward those who play a lot.
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    I agree, I was hoping to see some sort of welcoming/take over show of good faith. 

    The optimist in me however says to give them time. I don't actually know the exact date NG handed over the reigns but I know they do plan their updates well in advance. So it seems likely to me that this update is actually NGs. If in a few months when the dust settles and the impression is the same then I guess you will be right and not a lot will change. 
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    I will pile on here and say I was hugely disappointed that DECA did not do some coming out specials, something that would catch our attention and show us they intend to IMPROVE the game and not just continue to try milk it as NG has for years.  Not too late DECA lets get creative and show your good intentions to the community.  We have a new season pass starting up in a couple days, how about something very special in it that shows the players you are special and we are appreciated.
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    Skywithin said:
    DECA should've gone Negan style:  We're taking over! Now half of your s#it is mine.

    Whoop, half the inventory is gone. That would surely surely catch everyone's attention )))

    Don't give them any ideas 😂😂😂

    DECA be like "I like the way you think" 😏

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    I am sure they will. A bit of patience. They are focused on transfer from NG now
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    Lakeside Getaway with Jerry as Star Hero (exact same setup as last time) should tell you everything you need to know. Coming off the heels of Carl as Star Hero.
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    Does that mean that @Adeline and @liorsalman and the other content creators can take the week off? LOL

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    ATLAS-Z said:
    Does that mean that @Adeline and @liorsalman and the other content creators can take the week off? LOL
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    Hello, enigma12 Yes you are right i can see all same feeling.
    Be Cool.

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