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Dear @Lexia , dear @Fluxxx

Why did you leave us Deca with a turd?

Why can all zombies suddenly attack us over walls and fences?

Why weren't the weapons promised in the campaign included?

Why can't the promised new gear features be found?

Why are there so many old bugs back in this goddamn GW beta?

Why didn't you learn the DECA gang properly before handing in this game? The support is bad, they don't understand the game. I thought you'd already pushed us to the limit of the unimaginable, but now you've also sent us into the abyss...

just why..


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    Good questions. But ...
  • Governator
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    I don't expect either of them to reply. Lexia was last active March 3 and Fluxxx was last active February 28. They're done and have moved on with their lives. I think we are being told to do the same. :neutral:
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    Why is everyone suddenly obsessed on Internet with me …when the capybaras were almost unknown until few years ago??

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