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Dear DECA team... @JasonW (Community Manager)

I don't know if you know but we the NML community are a very strong bunch.

This game has grown with our ideas. We're not expecting much....but communication from your side could decide the future of this game.
Just talking to us would really go a long way.

What you are doing scares and disturbs many players. To the crucial point. I'm pretty sure your behavior is keeping many players' wallets closed. If that's your goal, then rethink it. Otherwise you can close down pretty quickly. It's not a business what you're doing right now.


  • Bamster
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    What he said!
    By any other name I am still, BILLBAM.
  • Governator
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    It's like DECA never wanted to take over the game but were forced to by Netflix... :neutral:

  • Superhero
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    Communication sucks. Ingame support sucks. Waiting for a week now to get a proper reply on the 400 gold refund topic for silently changing the Total Havoc weapon traits.

    There is a big need in change of your communication behaviour.

    Stay safe survivor!

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  • Griplee
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    The lack of communication feels like they don't care about the game or the strong community it once had...Its like a candle about to burn out ... The amount of players they pissed off over the traits Switch with the total havoc weapons is frightening....Every day we see the line app chats saying "That's it the game is finished I'm leaving"...I'm honestly starting to think when they took over the game they introduced new forums that we don't know about and this one is closed