Delayed attack mechanism of weapons and supports

Timyun Member Posts: 272 ✭✭✭✭
Just some ideas for future updates, based on some weapons in reality with slow reaction.

A. Aiming at and marking a target but attacking it in the next round. If the target dies, the attack is cancelled. Examples: Explosive crossbow bolt, air raid, missile.
B. Aiming at and marking a position but attacking it in the next round. Players need to predict the traces of targets. Example: Stick grenade, throwing bomb, mortar.
C. Aiming at a position and deploying a potential attack. It will be be activated if any target steps on or passes by it. Example: Mine, remote bomb, trap.

As a compensation of high difficulty of operating, such weapons should have extremely high damage and non-body shot chance.
Related new supports: Mine (circular area) and Sentry turret (coned area).