💀🔥DOOMSQUAD FAMILY is Recruiting🔥💀

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🔥DoomSquad Family🔥 #DSF 
We are 15 guilds strong and have been here since day one.  We have a guild for everyones playstyle.  ➡️ We house 2 GLOBAL 🌎 LEADERB9OARD teams and several guilds in the top 50 US Local Leaderboards!  We offer a highly active members only facebook page where we share video walkthroughs, game strategy and much more.  We offer Messenger, Line and GroupMe apps to communicate amongst players. Come join our ever growing family!


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    DoomSquad Family Current Openings:

    💀DSF Nomads - 900 min
    💀DoomSquad 4 - 500 min
    💀DoomSquad 2 - 250 min

    Visitors or permanent welcome.  Wars are optional to sign up but if you do sign up use all of your attacks.  If these minimums are too low join anyway and ask us about our challenge up system.  DoomSquad 2 is an excellent training guild for those players new to the game or that prefer a very relaxed minimum.  DSF Nomads is excellent choice if you need a war practice guild this week.  Join today or send me a pm if you seek more information on us.
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    DoomSquad 2 is now full.   Spots remain in DSF Nomads, 900 min.  
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    It's a great family to play with :)
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    DoomSquad Family Update: 

    We are currently full however if you seek a permanent spot or would like to visit us for future challenges please send me a pm.
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    Actually… now that I see, you said you were full. So I did suggest you might send a few our way. We only have 8.
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    @donam I would join but I'm not elite
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    @donam pretty rude of you to post your recruiting post under others recruiting thread.  This is DoomSquad Family thread.   Please start your own thread and stay off ours.  Thanks  
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    @donam bush league for sure, why would someone want to play with hacks.
    By any other name I am still, BILLBAM.
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    I thought it was a bit rude too, but also, does DS REALLY need more players JFC lol. How about stop hoarding all the players 🤣🙏

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    Are you Lost? Alone? Looking for a killer team to have your back?
    Join ZOMBREX! We have a tiered guild structure so players of every level and ambition can find a home they fit in.
    Remember, search ZOMBREX FAMILY. 
    Our page :

    Send me a PM or message ATLAS#5063 on Discord

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    Cool new giphys from @TweetyBird!  Thanks sweetie they are so cool