♥️♥️ Sojourn is recruiting, looking for players ♥️♥️ (by Bitterswt)

Bitterswt Member Posts: 10
  This is actually more than just a recruitment, I posted my nick in the title in hope of reconnecting with some players whom I truly regarded as friends, known over a period of weeks, months, even years since my recent exile. I'm hoping they would stumbled upon this post, & come so we could be brothers in arms again. Y'all know who you are, namely - Eric Olivier, luk, Addie, alext, brany, spin, bobo, jammer,... etc...

Now, for the Recruitment part :

  - 500, 1k+ min challenge pts weekly (500+ would be great, but 1k+ preferable, either way do it bcuz you want to for self & team, not cuz you're forced or have to).

 - Guild war(gw) participation is greatly encouraged, MUST be a team player, follow our GW plan, & willing to use all attacks helping each other at all times. Initial goal would be to reach Gold2+ in upcoming wars.

Our, ideology:

  We want to build an 'eden' guild(if it even exist, but we will try), where there's absolute no grudge, jealousy, or animosity - everyone helping each other out, also where we can be verbal & opinionated with no fear of being judged or kicked.

Thank you.

PS: I know it's my first post, but I've been lurking in d Forum for a long time now & thanks to all that contributed to this Forum & NML. Without y'all, mosta us won't be here today oo