We see new heroes;

Tsepes Member Posts: 1
I need to see new heroes example Andrea, Lori, Simon, Dale, Magna


  • Ollie15
    Ollie15 Member Posts: 1
    I would love to see new characters also and different styles to some already in game characters but some new characters id love to see is luke,magna,kelly,lydia,Elijiah,The Miltons,Leah,Lance,Anne/jadis,Diane Ezekiels guard,Diana.

    Some new styles I'd love to see are lawyer yumiko,newer Aaron style,newer jerry style would be interesting,newer Ezekiel also,from the last scense in season 11 ep 24 maybe CRM rick And maybe other styles to negan maggie and daryl but i might expect some of them soon due to the upcoming spinoffs.

    But my main 2 wanted characters are for sure Judith,Jadis and my most wanted style os definitely Civic Republic rick,
    I hope you guys see some of my suggestions and add some but if you do i mainly want all the new characters mainly Judith/Jadis and CRM rick please