Kingdom Spear, Ornate Bident Lower Damage needs to be changed

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In 2015 when the game was launched, scouts, bruisers and shooters could only kill a single target and ranged class weapons generated threat. 

As the years passed, many changes were brought into the game including multiple kill weapons for scouts, bruisers & shooters and silenced ranged weapons.

Multiple kill weapons for Scout included Kingdom Spear and its various incarnations, Ornate Bident, Bayonet Musket, etc. When Kingdom Spear or one of its incarnation was introduced for the first time, its damage was kept lower than other scout weapons for the logic that it would make it a very powerful weapon thus upsetting the gameplay balance. Damage of Level 32 Ornate Bident is 6,873 whereas of a normal Level 32 Scout weapon is 8,162.

Fast Forward to present day, now we have silenced and threat reduction ranged weapons, multiple kill scout, bruiser and shooter weapons, weapons with higher damage than normal, weapons with confirmed no body shots, tools, supports and the list goes on. One of the new addition in the new update is a scout weapon (The Last Word) that stuns.

Isn't it time that we make the damage of these long ranged scout weapons at par with normal scout weapons. This does not require any major programming and neither it would affect the gameplay balance. Further, we would get rid of the exclamation mark that you have higher damage weapons than this one

Its just a thought but would be appreciated. Further, Governor is the only hero with 4 traits when not in leader position.


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